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After 18 years of service to the country, it is time to start planning for the next phase of our family’s life. We wanted to create something to give back to our friends, family, community and brothers-in-arms. That is where Axhead was born. This veteran owned, family operated business was established to provide hard working Americans the nostalgia of the past and creating an experience all its own. With coffees as unique as the individual region each of them are from. The Ax is a symbol of the warrior and a symbol of hard work. Protectors and creators, the embodiment of what we are about.

Coffee has always brought people together. As a child my Grandfather would always bring me to the local coffee shop with him. This is the place where most of the town business was discussed, deals were made, and most importantly, you caught up with old friends. Coffee played just as much of an important part in my military career. It was a small sense of normalcy in a chaotic world while forward deployed. A five minute break to enjoy the aromas and flavors of home. Coffee is ingrained in our lives and is just as much apart of us as Americans as baseball and apple pie.

While researching and experimenting on how to make a good cup of coffee in the most austere environments, I fell in love with the process of coffee. I realized there is more to the story than just cracking the seal on an old tin can. Coffee flavors are complex and individual and deserve to be shared with friends and family.

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